A liberal mockery of the woefully screwed-up world that they will soon inherit from us anxious adults.

The Times – Donald Hutera ****

It is mocking us.

Financial Times – Ian Shuttleworth *

A much grimmer, even more mature portrait than its predecessor ‘Once And For All’, that by now has scored till Australia. Ontroerend Goed, however, delivers a clever performance (…) It raises the only genuinely dangerous question: not where, but who your teenager is.

De Standaard – Wouter Hillaert ***

‘Teenage Riot’ is two shows in one. What you see depends entirely on your angle of approach. It’s no surprise, then, that it has split opinion and been both vigorously championed and violently condemned. Look at it one way and you have a crass, confused, aggressive and illogical piece of fierce teenage rhetoric and anti-adult agitprop. Look at it another and you have a poignant expression of the failure and impossibility entailed by the teenage existence and experience. The first sees a tantrum thrown; the second sees a tantrum shown.

Culture Wars – Matt Trueman