A not-to-miss performance of a rare kind

De Morgen – Liv Laveyne *****

Fucking hell: what a power on that stage.

Zone09 – Evelyne Coussens ****

Ontroerend Goed finds ways of physicalizing the inner maelstrom of youth… the show is unfailingly effective at conveying the circuit-breaking charge of teen spirit.  

LA Times – Charles McNulty

It's a marvelous, life-affirming conclusion to a remarkable performance that makes you jump with joy while you long for your own lost youth.

Metro – Christopher Collet *****

The best show of the Fringe.

Scotland on Sunday – Mark Fisher *****

the Ontroerend Goed company evokes our feelings about adolescence in all its complexity

The Guardian – Brian Logan *****

While this is probably the most life-affirming, crazy, mixed-up show you can witness this or any other year, you also realize that the enticingly beautiful sparks illuminating the stage will never be this young again.

The Herald – Neil Cooper *****

the true genius of this production is that it uses puberty as a perfect excuse to create a play that raises profound questions about performance itself and the tension between artifice and authenticity, which is both a basic sore spot in theatre and an infinite murmur in every teenage heart

Total Theatre – Chris Goode

The joyous and miserable chaos of adolescence, distilled into a remarkable hour of theater… ‘Once and for All’ embraces and emphasizes the contradictions of the developing mind, creating a vivid 3D X-ray of the psyche in its formative years.

The New York Times – Charles Isherwood