How ingenious the construction of this show is, you only realise at the end when it becomes clear that this show is constructed only by you, as a participating audience member.  It stresses the fact that we are all just as much unique as physically replacable.

Knack – Liv Laveyne ****

Ontroerend shows have a habit of only really revealing themselves on second viewing. It’s a genuinely unsettling experience, and the best advice I can give is: be yourself, and don’t pick your nose.

The Guardian – Lyn Gardner ***

‘A Game of You’ shows that we reveal ourselves through our behaviour, both consciously and unconsciously, but it also shows that leaked information to be illegible, at least in any objective sense. In asking us both to judge and be judged, it is judgement itself that comes under the microscope and proves, precisely as the title implies, an exercise in subjective projection.

Mirror mirror on the wall… in the dim light, the reflection of the other throws us back at our own image and the other way round, at a lively, troubling and playful pace… ‘A Game of You’ is one of those artistic crossings you're not likely to forget soon

La Libération – Gilles Renault

A short, but intense journey of self-experience, a moment of self-analysis subdivided into several stages… the most intimate piece of theatre I know

Berliner Zeitung – Peter Michalzik

In ‘A Game of You’, Ontroerend Goed makes you feel how uncomfortable it is when your mirror image eludes you.

De Morgen – Pieter T'jonck ****